Parent Coaching

Parents are the experts when it comes to their own children.

No one hopefully knows your children /teens as well as you do. Unfortunately, life, work, illness, money, school, hormones, mental health, and a million other factors can get in the way. Sometimes when too much has been going on for too long, even the best and most dedicated parents need support.

Let’s face it, the average parent is not prepared for EVERYTHING involved with parenting in the 21st century. If a child/teen/parent is struggling with their own mental health & daily living, this makes parenting even more difficult. Moreover, how many current parents grew up with the same type of technology, access & internet, political/current events, social changes, & mental health challenges as current generations? You’re the expert of your child/teen, a parent coach is an expert on filling in the gaps & supporting you & your family relationships

A parent coach can be an invaluable tool not only in supporting the healthy growth & development of a child/teen, but in supporting the sanity of parents while improving family relationships, & working toward a better & more harmonious home environment.

Fox specializes in parent education, coaching, & support. Let’s talk about how you can prioritize & model sustainable mental health for your kids, & for yourself.