Outpatient Support Coaching (OSC)

Outpatient Support Coaching is a new concept & service I’m developing. It’s one of my many examples of clinically focused coaching. Before we go further, please answer the following question,

If I want to learn a new skill, break an old habit, repair a relationship, or consistently progress in my awareness, growth, & goals; how effective will I really be if it’s something I only prioritize once a week, for an hour, & sometimes forget about in between?

Working on therapy goals outside of the therapy room is a skill. It’s something that takes awareness, practice, & a supportive environment. It’s especially hard to do at a young age, or while being a dysregulated teen. How many of us can say our everyday life is supportive of our mental health & practice of therapy goals? How many of us can say we remember to focus on therapy while dealing with everyday life & challenges?

OSC is a collaboration between clinician & coach. After therapy sessions, the clinician & coach touch base, focusing not on what was directly said, but what the clinician feels the client needs support in practicing, communicating, & being empowered & supported with. The focus is on skills, structure, strategy, & environmental change that support therapy goals outside of the therapy room.

OSC is ideal for any individual receiving therapy who wants to be more intentional about prioritizing therapeutic goals in their everyday life. OSC is also an invaluable tool for parents who have adolescents/teens/adult children in therapy & want to better support their therapy goals.

At this time I am actively seeking clinicians who believe they have clients who would benefit from such a unique service.