Who can benefit from coaching?
– Anyone who is open to working toward their goals.

What criteria are needed to work with me?
– Be a human being over the age of 18.
– Be a human being between 8-18 with Parent/Guardian verbal & signed agreement & authorization.
– Be open to working with me. This needs to feel like a good fit for you.

What are my hours?
– My availability can be found on the Scheduling page in the menu above. The hours posted to my scheduler are my ideal hours, not the only ones I have available. If you cannot find a time that works for you, please reach out to me on social media, all links can be found below. You’re also welcome to send me an email if you would like.

How to contact me?
– Please feel free to reach out to me on social media, all links can be found below at the bottom of the page. You’re also welcome to send me an email via fox@calmfoxcoaching.com

What is my name & why is it not listed?
– Imagine that any time someone read or heard your name, from that moment forward they only referred to you by your middle name, no matter how many times you corrected them. That’s basically been my experience. “Mr. Fox” effectively and accurately represents my very common legal name. Fox is also what I have gone by for the majority of my life and is my preference in how people refer to me. If you wish to know my legal name, you’re welcome to ask, it’s also listed on the coaching agreement that I sign with every client who works with me.

What are my fees?
– I work on a sliding scale based on need & income. Support that makes you worried about your wallet is less effective. If you want to work with me, we will discuss this in real-time so we can have an actual conversation about what feels realistic & sustainable for you.

Do I offer gift cards?
– I do! Gift cards are available for purchase here!

What is my privacy policy?
– Confidentiality is key. It’s important you feel safe when talking with me. Before coaching formally starts, I’ll ask you to review an informed consent form so you are risk-aware in working with a coach online. I will also require your verbal & written authorization before discussing you and/or our work in any way with providers/people you approve of.

What are my preferred therapeutic approaches?
– My approach when working clinically would often depend on the client I was working with. That said, an intersectional & inclusive perspective that is trauma-informed & experienced is key. Theoretically speaking, I’m a big fan of Bowen and Systems concepts. In the past I have used a combination of approaches and interventions based around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Emotion Focused Therapy, Play therapy. I am currently taking online courses through PESI.com regarding DBT and Intensive Trauma Treatment.

Past Areas of Specialization
– Anxiety & Depression. – Emotional Resiliency.
– Spectrum Disorders. – Mens Challenges
– Attachment Disorders. – Parent Education & Support.
– Mindfulness & Awareness. – Anger Management.
– Reparenting/Self Parenting. – In-home structure & follow-through.
– Conflict & Crisis Resolution. – Proactive planning & consistency.
– Positive, Strengths-Based Communication. – Sex, Sexuality, & Consent Education.
– Organization & Time Management. – LGBTQIA+ Challenges.

Do I offer Therapy?
– At this time I am only offering Life & Parent Coaching, as well as Outpatient Support Coaching. My services are clinically focused and mental health informed, but they are not a replacement for therapy. I am more than happy to work with any therapists, counselors, or social workers currently involved. In cases where there is a clinical need not being addressed, I will be happy to help you pick someone who feels good to you if you are able to find options you are comfortable with.