About CFC

I founded Calm Fox Coaching with hopes of providing supportive, intersectional & inclusive, clinically focused coaching to individuals, parents, & families.

As a Life Coach, my focus is the same as it is with families. Meet every client where they are, as they are. My goal is to give you space to vent, process, learn, & grow while supporting you in working toward your goals…& potentially a daily life that prioritizes not only your goals, but your physical, mental, & emotional health.

For parents, families, & individuals in relationships, my background is based around Marriage & Family Therapy, & Intensive In-Home Family Therapy. Being able to balance our own needs & expectations is often difficult enough, having to try & support a partner & relationship is even harder. Having to support all the needs & expectations of kids, is a monumental task & sadly the average parent isn’t prepared for all of it plus their own & relationships.

With the belief that a holistic approach is often most effective, Calm Fox Coaching provides up-to-daily coaching support via text/video/phone, while ideally collaborating regularly with any relevant health professionals, mental health providers, & support services also working with the individual client &/or client family.