CFC Community Care Initiative

An anecdote from Fox’s lived experience:

“As an adult, I was first informed I needed to seek therapy when I was studying to become a Marriage and Family Therapist in grad school. 

I didn’t disagree entirely but also didn’t prioritize follow-through because I was a broke grad student who didn’t have time, money, and I wasn’t abusing substances or blatantly mistreating people, so it couldn’t be that urgent, right? It took me nearly a decade to start therapy and I was severely overdue.

I only did so after my body had been failing me for years. My stress was through the roof and directly impacted my health. My relationships were struggling, and a close friend insisted they would even pay for the first 6 months for me to go in addition to recommending someone they knew. I finally relented and started services. 

A month and a half into services, my therapist told me she was not a good fit for me. I didn’t want to accept it and told her if I had to go back to the drawing board to find another therapist it was likely I would spend another few years not getting the support I clearly needed. Thankfully, she knew a male clinician she thought would be a good fit. Years later, I’m still working with that same male clinician, and I will forever be grateful to the friend who made therapy accessible for me when I needed it, as well as the therapist who took the time to see if we were a good fit and then had recommendations for me instead of just dropping me as so many other professionals at large have a habit of repeating.”

The CFC Community Care Initiative exists to normalize professional mental health services while increasing accessibility, community support, client outcomes, and macro-level change. It does so by addressing the very real challenges and perspectives that impact people’s ability to consider, discuss, and share how they prioritize their mental health, as well as the systemic factors that affect accessibility, such as cost, stigma, scheduling flexibility, unexpected changes impacting services, and genuine distrust due to ways that the mental health field has traditionally ignored or harmed stigmatized, racialized, people.

The CCI empowers current/past CFC clients and professional partners to share how they prioritize their mental health and, with their referral code, provides a free month of services with Calm Fox Coaching. That includes a 53-ish minute introductory session, two full 53-ish minute calls, and a 53-ish minute closing call where we wrap up what we discussed and discuss what next steps feel right for you. No strings. No catch. No hitch. No expectations or obligations of you working with CFC after your free month.

If you are here because someone gave you a referral card and code, welcome! If you’re ready to schedule your first free call, go ahead and do so via the scheduler. If you have any questions, please put them in the contact form or email [email protected].