We all seek mental health support with our own perspectives, goals, and intentions making it all the more important that our support services are able to, within reason, fit us. We need to be seen, heard, understood, validated, and spoken to, where we are, as we are, without judgment.

Getting to know you as a full and complete person and making sure that you feel we have a good connection is key before getting into the harder work. Doing so allows for the best chances of building a healthy collaborative relationship focused on affirming, embracing, and empowering the client holistically and comprehensively in their efforts and goals.

Services are available for individuals, relationships of all sizes and types, and families. Individual adolescent coaching is available for ages 10+ pending appropriate parental involvement and a signed informed consent/release form.

Service Format

Services include video/phone calls every week or more, depending on client goals and intensity needs. Sessions are listed at 53-ish minutes each, as it’s not always so easy to perfectly and conveniently wrap everything up by the 45-minute mark. If we need to go a brief bit over to end properly, I’d much rather do so than create more work for the coming week.

Work from calls is advanced by private text communication that allows for post-call notes, consistency and executive function support, and nearly unlimited text communication between calls helping you stay covered for more than just our call time. All focused on providing comprehensive information, skills, strategies, and structure for long-term growth, change, fulfillment, and goal achievement.

Service Length

When thinking about how long this service may take, I like to explain it partially like a stoplight or an old red-yellow-green dial/gauge (often seen in a movie connected to something that shouldn’t go too fast or too slow or get too hot or blow up).

Most of us have goals that we would put in the green zone, they are big, they are positive, and they are changes that we are ready to make like hitting the gas when the traffic light turns green. But before we can get to green and hit the gas, before we can go, we need to make sure we’re at baseline or neutral (yellow) and have 4 working tires and an engine that runs. Before we can really get into being at baseline or moving slowly, we have to triage, repair, and replace whatever has us stuck/stalled/flat in the red. How long this takes depends on you.

Service packages are renewed every 3-6-9-12 months depending on client preference to ensure regular check-ins on what can be done differently/better going forward. All services include a private text-based coaching portal allowing for support and follow-through assistance between calls and as needed for everyday mental health and goal achievement.